Classifications - Lightweights

From the USRowing Rules of Rowing:

4-106: Lightweights

A lightweight crew is one that complies with the requirements below. An open event is one that is not a lightweight event.

(a) Men: A men's lightweight crew shall average no more than 155 lbs. per rower, and no individual rower shall weigh more than 160 lbs. The coxswain shall not be counted for purposes of this Rule. A male single sculler (1x) shall not weigh more than 160 lbs. A Junior men's lightweight crew is one in which no individual rower weighs more than 150 lbs.

(b) Women: A women's lightweight crew, including a single scull (1x), shall have no rower who weighs more than 130 lbs. The coxswain shall be not be counted for purposes of this Rule.


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