Club Equipment

The Cincinnati Rowing Club has purchased some new equipment. Following is the complete listing of club equipment available to our members.

4 Singles: 2 lightweight - Hudson and Kaschper, 2 mid-heavy weight -Kaschper and Peinert

6 Doubles: 2 lightweight - Kaschper, 3 midweight - Kaschper and Hudson, 1 heavy weight - Hudson

4 Quads: 2 lightweight - Kaschper and Vespoli, 2 mid-weight - Kaschper

This equipment may be reserved according to the club’s Scheduling for Boat Use and Skill Classification Rules in the Policies and Procedures Manual. Prior to going on the water, all members must read the Safety Manual, complete the Safety Assessment and sign a USRowing waiver online. Insert GHLTL as the club code under the Athletes panel.

We do our own repairs to the boats, so please take care of whatever shell you are using!! If anything needs to be fixed, please enter the information in the "Repairs" section of the log book and contact the Equipment Manager with the details.

Wondering when sunrise and sunset are for a given day? Click here to view the US Naval Observatory data. Remember, we are limited to being on the water between sunrise and sunset!

Private Equipment

There is a limited amount of space in the Licking River boathouse for private equipment. Before assuming space will be found for new equipment (especially anything larger than a single), please consult with the Equipment Manager.


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